Tulisan ini adalah hasil obrolan kami, kebanyakan ide penulis pertama yang dicoba untuk dituliskan oleh penulis kedua.

Psychology is…

Psychology is an interesting way to help people. If you are going to discipline an insane person without psychology, you will need much time. But, an hour with a psychologist, then problem is solved! You know why?  Because psychology teaches people with suggestions, whereas other ways will teach you in strict orders and rigid disciplinary methods.

Somehow, psychologists are like the Jedis in Star Wars. They train themselves to understand other people’s mind and (if needed) they can manipulate it.

Faculty of Psychology…

Faculty of Psychology is the home of psychologists. It has all things that a psychologist needs. When I was little, I played with these cards with ink blots on them. I thought it was some kind of toy, so I played and played, thinking “Hey, this is a cool game of imagination!” Later on I learned that it was actually one of the psychological tools. Fantastic, eh?

What I like most is that the faculty has lots of computers with very good internet connections, where I can play games without being disturbed.

The faculty also has lots of rooms. When I was younger, I used to ask my mum about it. “What if, instead of going to the office for her never ending meetings, she could invite all her nice friends to come and do their meetings in our house? We also have lots of rooms.”

The rooms in the faculty are very interesting. I always have the feeling like I am entering my doctor’s room, with a lot of toys.

I also like the cafeteria in Atma Jaya. It has all kinds of food! You will never get bored eating there. Even if you got bored with the food, Atma Jaya is smartly located near Plaza Semanggi, which has lots of restaurants. I think most of the students go there after class for snack break! How I envy the students, especially when I’m always stuck with unbearable home and/or catering food..

Teachers and students…

The people are very nice and friendly. Most of them are very understanding. Some of them are strict like my Mum, but they’re not mean. I think there is a difference between strict teachers and mean teachers. Strict teachers love smart students and they’re being mean to the less smart or lazy ones. Mean teachers are mean to everybody. Some of the people are very friendly and fun to play with (unlike my Mum, no offense Ma). I think psychologists make the best teachers in the world!

The students are nice.  Once I was playing the computer in the common room, when I saw students prayed before entering the teacher’s room. So I guess they are very religious. They are also tough and patience and, especially, they are good listeners!

My Mum’s  students seem to write a lot.  It really used to amaze me how many words they wrote on their exam papers! And in italics! Unfortunately, I could not read what they wrote. But it’s not their fault, because I couldn’t read as well as I do now. Back then, I was just a little boy. I asked my Mum once how much time they need to write all those things. I was impressed when my Mum said that they need less than two hours to do that! Now, that must be awesome. My hand would cramp if I had to do something like that..

What I do not like about the faculty is, the toilets are not so clean (no offense to the maintenance).

Happy Birthday…

Mama said that you become 20 years old now. It must have been a long and hard journey. I am only 11 years old. I guess if you were a guy, you would not play much anymore, because you would become a serious guy.  Well, here are my words to you: don’t stop playing and imagining. Imagination is the most important thing if you study people’s mind. Because not everybody thinks like you do and you need your imagination in order to think like others.

Enjoy your day.. and never stop having fun.

Selamat ulang tahun, Fakultas Psikologi
Tanjung Barat, 24 Mei 2012
Castra & Hana

*) Penulis 1 adalah anak laki-laki berusia 11 tahun yang duduk di kelas 5 SD, putra dari penulis 2, Direktur Sekolah Pascasarjana Unika Atma Jaya dan Pengajar tetap Fakultas Psikologi Unika Atma Jaya


(Edited by Aunt Novita, then Dinastuti, one of Mum’s nice, cool, and fun-to-play-with friends!)