Well I was back home for a short semester break from school (I’m studying in Singapore, by the way) when my mom told me to make this piece of writing, on my strongest impression of the Faculty of Psychology, Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia.

At  first I found it hard to start writing. For the last few years, I’ve spent my time studying overseas, away from home and family. It’s been kind of hard to keep track on what’s going on at home, much less what’s happening inside the faculty.

However, memories of my childhood started to flood into my mind. Slowly, images of what lies behind the wooden door on the third floor started to reappear – scenes that I can never forget. It’s the image of the wooden partitions that formed the staff blocks. It’s the image of my mom’s rather gloomy room. It’s the image of the skyscrapers of Jakarta that was, for a small boy of my age at that moment, breathtaking.

Beyond that wooden door, I feel safe. It was where I belonged. My mom introduced me to so many wonderful people – people who have definitely made my childhood colorful. They were strangers at first. However, the warmth, kindness, and love that they gave to me made me feel comfortable and welcomed. They treated me, the small kindergarten boy, as if I was one of their own children.

They smiled at me every time I came. Once in a while they would asked me how was school and just hang around to prevent me from getting bored. They rushed to me when I foolishly snapped a stapler bullet onto my own middle finger. It was terribly painful. I cried, and they really tried hard to stop me from crying.

There were funny moments too. One that is really memorable for me was when I met Mrs. Bonang. Everyone told me that if you get angry oftenly, you will grow a lot of white hair. Hence, that little innocent boy that was me asked my mom “Did Mrs. Bonang get angry so oftenly?” Forgive that boy for being blunt. To think again, that was really embarrassing.

Time flies. Years have gone by. The same people started commenting on my increasing height, changing face, and a much thinner belly. And as I get more mature, I started to see them as real professionals. Behind the same wooden door I saw arguments, debates, and sometimes hot discussions, most of the times involving my mom, over issues related to the welfare of everyone and the future of the faculty. Seeing some people sitting down together on one table with serious faces, it’s nothing new. However, what fascinates me is that the same people can be found laughing and teasing each other at other points of time, exchanging warm smiles to each other.

People grow. People change. People come and go. However, the faculty has never failed to protect the most precious thing of all beyond that wooden door – it’s love. The love that has brought everyone together, for twenty years and still counting.

*) Penulis adalah putra dari Ibu Juliana Murniati (Dekan FP UAJ), berusia 19 tahun, kini duduk di kelas 2 Junior College di Singapura.